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Peer to Peer Coaching

What is Peer to Peer Coaching?

Peer to Peer Coaching is an opportunity for members ONLY to create coaching partnerships with two or more other coaches for the purpose of practicing skills, gaining coaching hours, and learning from each other. ICF Houston is providing its member directory as a platform for self-managed, reciprocal peer to peer coaching among member colleagues. ICF Houston’s guiding expectation is that members that seek to coach through the peer to peer exchange will also commit to being coached by their partner.

How do I get started Peer Coaching?

STEP 1: Find a Coach 

Below, you will see listed all of the coaches interested in peer coaching. you can to use the filter or simply scroll through the names. To access the coaches entire profile, click on their name.

STEP 2: Connect

Once you have found a coach, reach out to them using the email address listed. We recommend that you DOWNLOAD this form, complete your information and attach it to your email along with an introduction. NOTE: if the coach you reach out to is no longer available to Peer Coach, no worries - simply reach out to another.

STEP 3: Coach

Once you have an agreement, we recommend up to 3 months of coaching every other week, however, this can be adjusted to your particular needs.

STEP 4: Evaluate

Provide feedback on your experience by completing THIS FORM.


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