ICF Texas Chapters Partnership 

The Bigger Story 

ICF Texas Chapter Presidents began discussions in 2019 on how we can create synergies to serve our membership. The conversation led us on a journey to explore topics and intersections that develop value for our collective voice to advance professional coaching. 

Synergy Discussion Topics

    • Programing 
    • Best Practices 
    • Administration
    • Market Reach 
    • Member Engagement

Chapter Strategic Opportunities

    • Broaden our reach to recruit Board Members and Volunteers 
    • Reduce duplication of cost and work to our chapters 
    • Expand opportunities to network and collaborate 
    • Increase our strategic capacity to advance professional coaching 

ICF Austin, ICF Houston, and ICF San Antonio Partnership

This 18 month journey has led to several impactful collaborations, all of which significantly improve member benefits. 

Shared Programming

As a member of ICF Houston, your membership now includes access to ICF Austin and ICF San Antonio Events at member rates. 

  • Additional free programs 
  • More opportunities fro CCEUs 
  • Wider coaching community 
  • Greater diversity 

Reduced Administrative Burden

Administrative burden on the ICF Houston Chapter BOD was heavy. By partnering with ICF Auston and ICF San Antonio and utilizing one common Virtual Assistant the administrative burden has been reduced. 

  • Shifts the BOD focus to strategic activities 
  • Allows for process efficiencies 
  • Leverage ICF San Antonio Internship Program

Where We Are Going

The ICF Texas Chapters continue to meet regularly to discuss opportunities to collaborative , drive best practice, create efficiencies, and reduce cost. 

Synergy Discussion Topics

  • Finances 
  • Membership 
  • Partnerships and Communications
  • Administration   

 ICF Task Force

ICF Chapter Presidents 

Tracy Winter, PhD., PCC

Austin Chapter President 

Robin Christian, PCC

Houston Chapter President 

Aurora Geis, PCC

San Antonio Chapter President

ICF Chapter Past Presidents 

Michelle Lopez, PhD, PCC

Austin Chapter Past-President 

Carissa Gay, MCC

San Antonio Past-President

Susana Clavello, ACC

San Antonio Chapter Past-Presidnet

ICF Chapter Committee Members 

Robin Christian, PCC 

Houston Advisory Board Member 

Susana Morales 

Austin Chapter Director At Large 




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