Types of Coaching

There are many types of professional coaching specialites.  A coach might operate with a specific focus, or lens, depending on the client, the need and the context.  Here are some of the most common types of coaching:

Life Coaching 

Audience: Individuals of any type, age, or profession

Focus: Creating a more fulfilled life; Identifying values, purpose, goals and dreams; Recognizing barriers; Taking action towards goal achievement. 

Business Coaching

Audience: Entrepreneurs and business owners

Focus: Business growth and success; Identifying goals for the future while improving current operations.

Executive Coaching

Audience: Business executives or senior leaders

Focus: Improving leadership abilities; Managing organizational change; Finding work/life balance; People and performance management. 

Career Coaching

Audience: Working individuals of any type, or those seeking employment

Focus: Identifying individual strengths, passions & interests; Career vision and goals; Finding fulfillment and purpose through work; Clarifying the best "fit" between a person and a career or organizational culture; Accelerating one's career path.

Leadership Coaching

Audience: Individuals of any type who want to improve or gain leadership skills

Focus: Exploring the definition and nature of leadership; Identifying leadership strengths and areas of improvement; Emotional intelligence or "soft skills"; Defining a future vision for oneself as a leader; Taking action towards leadership goals.

Internal Coaching

Audience: Employees who are being coached by someone who works at their organization

Focus: Improving effectiveness and performance as an employee; Conflict management; Communication; Identifying employee strengths and opportunities for development.

Team Coaching

Audience: Intact work teams withing private companies, government agencies and nonprofit organizations.   

Focus: Increase the ability of the team to innovate and to advance their efforts to achieve great results by harnessing the team's collective expertise, energy and wisdom.




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